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Double Twisting Machine

Double twist machine is a kind of twisting equipment, which can realize one turn and two twists, and the twisting efficiency is doubled compared with the traditional twisting equipment. With the increase of rolling capacity, there is no joint for 10,000 meters, and the twisting quality is greatly improved. The low storey height is especially suitable for operation.

Working principle:

Double twist machine can glue two or more strands of single yarn into yarn by twisting, and enhance the performance of the original yarn, to meet the needs of customers.

Double twist machine is mainly composed of power part, double twist unit and transmission part.

(1) The power part mainly includes the motor, electrical control box, indicator and operation panel.

(2) The structure of the double twist unit mainly includes the spindle brake device, the spindle part of the double twist machine, the yarn winding device, the special device of the double twist unit, etc.

The shape, structure and function of the main machine parts:

(1) Spindle brake device: mainly including spindle drive belt and pulley, belt spindle brake pedal.

(2) Spindle part of double twist machine: it mainly includes spindle plate, spindle tank, yarn tension device, yarn detractor, air ring cover, separator, yarn guide hook and yarn break hook, etc.

(3) Yarn winding device: tilt roller, overfeed roller.

Main Technical specification:

Machine type

Double sides,  single layer

Spindle speed

Normal: 5000-10000r/min

Twist Range


Twist direction

S or Z


1830 mm

sect ions

Normal type 8 section s(max.10 sections)

type of spindle

146 or 166

Yarn cross ang le

Can be closed edge or straight edge



Traversing weight

Max .2.5kgs

Feeding bobbin

Dia.37 *170mm

Winding bobbin

3°30°,  4°20°,  5°57°

Take up capacity

146# 1.25kg,     166#  1.6kg

Start mode

Frequency converter

Rated power



Head  L 1800mm * H 760mm * W1380mm +  Tail   L 400mm * H630mm *W 510mm


144 spindle (9 sections) total 4tons


Depends on the twisting range

Product Display for Twisting Machine

High efficiency

High spindle speed, effectively increase productivity

Precision forming technology can effectively improve the efficiency of the yarn reverse.

High quality yarn

The pursuit of higher requirement of yarn twist unevenness

Effectively prevent the emergence of multiple strands of yarn

Effectively reduce oil pollution

High automation

Precise control technology for single spindle data display; Data acquisition system, effective implementation of automated production workshop.

Less maintenance

The fixed bearing structure can effectively reduce the oil change in the middle.

High stability

Good processing equipment to ensure the stability of parts

Mature control system to ensure the stability of equipment.

Less space

The compact design reduces the machine covering area by more than 10%.

Less energy consumption

Double bearing spindle structure, effectively reduce spindle energy consumption;

Excellent spindle structure, effectively reduce the energy consumption ofyarn balloon.






Our Packaging

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