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Screw Roots Vacuum Unit (lip Seal Structure)

This is newly developed vacuum unit based on the special characteristics of polyurethane resin and fine chemical industry. It is mainly used in vacuum feeding, polyol reaction, drying and concentration to replace the original water-ring vacuum pump.

Typical Applications:

1. Semiconductor processing,

2. Pharmaceutical industry;

3. Chemical industry;

4. Solvent recovery, molding, crystallization, dry etching, sputtering,

5. Steam recovery,

6. High-altitude simulation. 

Features of Screw Roots Vacuum Unit :

1. Energy saving, it can save >40% energy and 90% for water saving.

2. High vacuum degree, ultimate vacuum can reach to 1Pa.

3. Environmental protecting, it passed Environmental assessment, the recycled material has high purity and can be 100% recycled without any pollution, and no sewage treatment is needed in the later process;

4.It is high quality and purity. The water content can be reduced to 0.0012% from the original 0.4%;

5. Strong ability to adapt to the environment. It can completely reach the pre-vacuum in summer with high temperature.

6. Long service life by applying teflon, nickel and Hastelloy to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

7.Low noise and low vibration. 

8. Simper structure, no mechanical sealing, easy maintenance, lower failure rate.

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