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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Unit

SunRay's Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Unit  is an air extraction unit composed of Roots pump as the main pump, 2BV series water ring pump / 2BE1 series water ring pump or a roots-water ring unit as prepump. 

In addition to being used to pump out general gases, it can also pump gases that contain moisture, organic solvents or a small amount of dust. Compared with ordinary mechanical vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps are not afraid of water vapor and fine dust, and are not afraid of oil pollution. Compared with ordinary water ring vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps have higher vacuum and higher pumping speed under high vacuum conditions.

We, SunRay, have etched excellence marks as a Water-ring Roots Vacuum Pump Unit manufacturer and exporter. Serving quality-assured products to customers is the motive of our company.