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Decanter Centrifuge

Sunray's DecanterCentrifuge is a centrifuge that can be operated continuously, which can be used for sedimentation and filtration operations. It is used in sludge dewatering, industrial and civil sewage treatment, liquid separation, and the separation of more than 100 kinds of materials. 

Choosing the right horizontal decanter centrifuge can not only solve production problems, improve work efficiency, be environmentally friendly and pollution-free, but also save production costs and reduce operating risks. The decanter centrifuge has the characteristics of large processing capacity, automatic operation, and good dewatering effect. It has been widely used and promoted in the field of environmental protection and is the first choice for sewage treatment equipment. Horizontal scraper centrifuge program setting, unattended automatic operation, can realize man-machine dialogue, convenient operation, and maintenance. The action element adopts electric-hydraulic automatic control. Monitoring the whole process of feeding, initial filtration, washing, fine filtration, and unloading. The single cycle time is short, the processing capacity is large, and a relatively dry filter residue and good washing effect can be obtained.