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Folding-belt Drum Vacuum Filter (For Corn Gluten)

The fold-belt rotary drum vacuum filter is a rotary drum filter machine that operates continuously under vacuum. 

It is a rotary drum vacuum filter with general purpose, open type, external filter surface, continuous filtration, drying, unloading, continuous cleaning of the filter belt, and lower feeding. The fold-belt rotary drum vacuum filter has a horizontal rotary drum that continuously circulates and the filter belt runs synchronously.

The main component of the fold-belt drum vacuum filter is a drum covered with a filter cloth. Part of the drum is immersed in the slurry, the vacuum pump passes through the pipeline from the inside of the drum, and is discharged out of the machine by the vacuum pump. The filter residue is retained by the filter cloth so that the liquid and solid phases are separated.


For any part on the surface, when it runs to a certain part of the machine, the corresponding operation is carried out. When it runs to the suction filter zone, it performs the filtration operation; when it transfers to the drying zone, the filter cake is dried; when it runs to the unloading and filter cloth regeneration zone, the corresponding action can be carried out, and then the filter cloth Lead out, use a scraper to discharge the material and spray cleaning action on the filter belt, and then return to the original suction filter position.