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Filter Bag For Bag-type Dust Filter

The baghouse filter bag is the core filter component of the bag filter, and the material of the baghouse filter bag directly determines the performance parameters of the bag filter, such as the specifications of the dust removal equipment, dust removal efficiency, emission concentration, operation resistance, service life and other indicators. 

Therefore, the correct selection of baghouse filter bags is very important. The selection of the baghouse filter bag should be carried out according to the nature of the dust-containing gas, dust and the dust removal method of the dust collector. Our baghouse filter bag contains many types of materials to choose from, to ensure reasonable structure, high capture rate, good peelability, easy to clean dust, not easy to scale, suitable air permeability, low resistance, high filtration accuracy, and good temperature resistance , Chemical resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance and wide adaptability.

The working principle of the baghouse filter bag: the dust-containing gas enters each unit box through each inlet valve of the air inlet flue. Under the guidance of the box body diversion system, the large particles of dust fall directly into the ash hopper after separation, and the rest of the dust follows The airflow enters the filter area of the middle box body, and the filtered clean gas passes through the baghouse filter bag, exits the dust collector through the upper box body, the poppet, and the air outlet flue, and is directly discharged into the atmosphere through the fan and the chimney. As the filtering conditions progress, when the dust on the surface of the baghouse filter bag reaches a certain amount, the dust removal control device (differential pressure or timing, manual control) will control the current unit offline according to the set program, and open the electromagnetic pulse valve to spray. Shake off the dust on the baghouse filter bag. The dust falling into the ash hopper enters the pneumatic ash conveying system through the warehouse pump.