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Drum Vacuum Filter For Sugar Production

Non-filtering cloth rotary vacuum filter has a good effect of separating solid particles from liquid and has become common separation equipment in sugar, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries. It is used to extract solids from sugar after squeezing sugar cane or beet juice. Important equipment for juice separation.


The non-filtering cloth rotary vacuum filter has the advantages of no sewage discharge, low conversion of dry filter mud, high production efficiency and a high degree of automation. It is most often used by sugar companies in raw sugar production and the filtration of sulphurous acid sedimentation tank sludge. The non-filtering cloth rotary vacuum filter is composed of a rotating drum, a slurry tank, a bagasse mixer, a vacuum juice tank, a vacuum pump and a bagasse system. The rotating drum is the main component of the rotary vacuum filter without a filter cloth. Because the function of the rotating drum is to separate the filtered juice and the filter mud, generally speaking, the rotating drum is composed of a self-rotating horizontal cylindrical drum body. Part of the drum is immersed in the mud. The specific speed during work depends on the quality and type of the mud. The drum is composed of a drum body, a stainless steel filter screen, a plastic mesh plate, a juice tube, a vacuum distribution head, etc.


Compared with the filtering cloth rotary vacuum filter, the non-filtering cloth rotary vacuum filter has low brightness and high production efficiency. The most important thing is that it can achieve zero discharge of sewage.

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