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  • Five mistakes during Vacuum pump maintenance
    Five mistakes during Vacuum pump maintenance Read More
  • Installation of filter press
    The filter press should be installed on a flat concrete foundation. Feed end push plate machine foot bolt fixed on the foundation; The bracket end does not need anchor bolts, or after anchor bolts are positioned, two nuts are used to lock the bracket, and a proper gap is left between the nut gasket Read More
  • Tips for operation and maintenance of decanter centrifuge
    Decanter centrifuge shall not be used to separate flammable, toxic, corrosive or radioactive substances.Before you prepare to install or operate a decanter centrifuge, read and follow all the instructions carefully.Do not operate the centrifuge with damaged warning mark or without warning mark.If th Read More
  • How to maintain vacuum pump
    Vacuum pump maintenance directly affects the working stability of the pump and even the service life of the vacuum pump. There are many ways to maintain the vacuum pumpCheck whether the pump pipe and the joint are loose. Turn the vacuum pump by hand to see if the pump is flexible.Add bearing lubrica Read More
  • The selection of screw pump
    The selection of screw pump should follow the principle of economy, rationality and reliability. If the design and selection is not well considered, it will bring trouble to the usage, management and maintenance in future, so the selection of a progressing screw pump according to the actual producti Read More
  • Maintenance tips
    Normal commissioning of filter press is needed before feeding, and a comprehensive inspection of the machine is needed before each shift work. Mechanical compression transmission parts and reducer must add sufficient lubricating oil; Hydraulic press to review the oil storage volume of the oil tank a Read More
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