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  • 2012 Shanghai Pulse Bag Dust Collector / Filter Project Case
    Project case info: nonferrous metal production plant, 2012; Shanghai HAILIANG. Project case info: Zhangjiagang Lianfeng steel plant, 2015. Read More
  • 2010 Ukraine Water Ring Vacuum Pump Project Case
    Installed in 2010, Ukraine 2 sets of water ring vacuum pump for vacuum filter’s application in corn starch production line. Water ring vacuum pump is the key equipment for rotary vacuum filter which provide the required vacuum to achieve the filtering effect. The quality of the vacuum pump directly will affect the filtering result of rotary vacuum filter. It can also be used in other industries such as Read More
  • 2013 China Filter Press Project Case
    Project case info: steel and iron works, 4 sets 300m2 filter press, installed in 2013 in China. Filter press is widely used in many smelting industries, such as electrolytic copper, electrolytic zinc, electrolytic manganese, nickel, vanadium titanium, acidolysis, leaching, anode slime and other sections. It highlighted the high degree of automation, filtration speed and other characteristics. Read More
  • 2015 China Plate Filter Press Project Case
    Project case: 8 sets of 500m2 plate filter press in China, 2015; Wastewater treatment in Chemical industry With the development of industry and agriculture and the improvement of people's living standards, the contradiction of water shortage is becoming increasingly tense. The increasingly serious water pollution further aggravates this contradiction, which will directly affect and restrict the development of industry and agriculture. Read More
  • 2018 China Plate Filter Press Project Case
    Project case info: 8 sets of 500m2 plate filter press for gold mine tailing application in 2018, China. Read More
  • 2017 Thailand Membrane Filter Press Project Case
    Project case info: 10 sets of 600m2 membrane filter press in Thailand, 2017 for Read More
  • 2009 Guangxi Non-filter Cloth Rotary Vacuum Filter Project Case
    Project case info:located in Guangxi province, China, total 4sets with 5m2 filtering area for cane sugar production application with 6000Ton/day capacity. Project case info: installed in Guangxi, China 2009, with 6000t/day capacity, cane sugar production. Non-filter cloth Rotary vacuum filter is mainly used in cane sugar production, it is most important part of while production line. Read More
  • 2015 Indonesia Precoating Rotary Vacuum Filter Project Case
    Installed in 2015, Indonesia ; 2 sets of 30㎡ precoating rotary vacuum filter for tapioca starch syrup filtration application. Pre-coat type Rotary vacuum filter are widely used in medicine, food, sugar, chemical industry and other industries. This product is more suitable for those projects which need to keep the filtrate, but remove the filter residue. Read More
  • 2008 Ukraine Rotary Vacuum Filter Project Case
    Installed in 2008, Ukraine; 2 sets of 35㎡ Rotary vacuum filter for corn starch gluten/protein filtration and dewatering application. Rotary vacuum filter/ Drum vacuum filter is used for filtration, filtrate clarification and cake dewatering. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining and industrial and municipal sewage treatment and sludge dewatering. Read More
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