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Filtration Equipment

Sunray is a professional manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment. 

With the continuous development of the filtration equipment industry, more and more different types of equipment have appeared for us to choose from. Our filtration equipment products cover Folding-belt Drum Vacuum Filter, Pre-Coated Rotary Vacuum Filter, Drum Vacuum Filter, Filter Press, Industrial Dust Collectors, related products and accessories. The technical field covers wastewater treatment, air dust treatment system, food filter residue separation, suspension dehydration, etc. Covering many industries such as food, medicine, organic chemistry, and wastewater treatment. There are differences between different filtering equipment, the same equipment using different accessories and different methods of use will also produce different results. At Sunray, we will customize the best solution according to your needs, aiming to achieve filtration accuracy and the largest filtration area per unit time, and achieve the highest efficiency with the most economical solution.