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Water-ring Roots Vacuum Pump Unit

It is a vacuum unit which is composed of a roots pump as the main pump and a 2BV/2BE1 series water- ring pump or a Roots-Water ring unit as prepump.

Water-ring Roots Vacuum Pump Unit Composition:

Main components: Water-ring vacuum pump/compressor, Roots pump,Control cabinet, common chassis, internal pipeline. 


1.High efficiency, compact structure, no leakage, corrosion resistance, high level of protection.

2.The working fluid of the prepump is mostly water, organic solvent (organic solvent such as methanol, ethanol, xylene, acetone, etc.) or other liquid can be used, The former pump is used as a closed circulation system, which greatly reduces the pollution to the environment and greatly improves the recovery of organic solvent. The ultimate vacuum is determined by the saturated vapor pressure of the working liquid. 

3.It is not only used to draw ordinary gases, but also can be used to draw gases which contains water, organic solvents or a small amount of dust. No problem for material which has oil pollution, water vapor and dust. It is high vacuum degree and high pumping speed under high vacuum working condition. 

Typical applications: 

1.Semiconductor processing; 

2.Pharmaceutical industry; 

3.Chemical industry;

4.Solvent recovery, molding, crystallization, dry etching, sputtering;

5.Steam recovery;

6.High-altitude simulation

Screw Roots Vacuum

Water-ring Roots Vacuum Pump (2)


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