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Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge

SunRay is a horizontal scraper centrifuge manufacturer who supplies custom horizontal scraper centrifuge products and our service helps you keep your together.  Our horizontal scraper centrifuge are designed, engineered, and produced to be the best in the industry. We have two series of horizontal scraper centrifuge, one is GK series horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge , another is GHK series horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge.

The horizontal scraper centrifuge is a continuous operation centrifuge, which can be used for sedimentation and filtration operations. During the full-speed movement, the drum automatically performs the operations of feeding, separating, washing, spinning, unloading, and washing nets in sequence.

The horizontal scraper centrifuge is a filtering centrifuge with continuous operation and intermittent operation. The feeding, separation, washing, dewatering, unloading and filter cloth regeneration during the operation of the centrifuge are generally completed at full speed. The single cycle time is short, the processing capacity is large, and a relatively dry filter residue and good quality can be obtained. Washing effect.

The scope of application of the horizontal scraper centrifuge can be used for the separation of solid-liquid two-phase suspensions containing solid particles with a particle size of about 10μm. Generally speaking, this machine is more suitable when the weight concentration of solid particles in the suspension is greater than 25%. Therefore, horizontal scraper centrifuges have been widely used in ammonium sulfate, sodium-sulfur, nickel sulfate, ferrous sulfate, starch, boric acid, anthracene, polyvinyl chloride, urea, heavy alkali, Separation of more than 100 kinds of materials such as caustic soda, salt, potassium chloride, and potassium sulfate.