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Maintenance tips

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-12      Origin: Site


  1. Normal commissioning of filter press is needed before feeding, and a comprehensive inspection of the machine is needed before each shift work. Mechanical compression transmission parts and reducer must add sufficient lubricating oil; Hydraulic press to review the oil storage volume of the oil tank and the working pressure of the hydraulic station. The hydraulic oil is usually replaced once a year, and the hydraulic system should be cleaned once during the replacement. The working pressure of the hydraulic station is less than the maximum working pressure of the cylinder, but the minimum cannot be lower than the allowable value of the filtration pressure, because if it is too small, it will cause large leakage and damage parts.

  2. It is forbidden to start the work in the case that the filter plate is less than the specified number, so as not to damage the machine parts. Check the filter plate arrangement before feeding, the filter cloth cannot have folding phenomenon, to prevent large leakage; After unloading the cake, the filter plate must be tightly pressed and neatly arranged.

  3. After everything is normal, the filter plate can be pressed for pressure filtration. The filtration pressure and filtration temperature must be within the specified range. There shall be no mixed material; After unloading the cake, the filter cloth and the filter plate must be washed clean, and the residue is not allowed to stick in the sealing surface or the feed channel, otherwise it will affect the flow of the feed and the sealing of the filter plate, thus causing the pressure imbalance on both sides of the filter plate, resulting in the deformation and damage of the filter plate.

  4. The choice of filter cloth must conform to the requirements of the propeller of filtration technology, should be shrunk before new filter cloth production, the hole diameter should be less than the filter plate aperture, the matching filter plate holes and hole of the plate should be relatively concentric. The feeding hole cloth is to be attached tightly to the wall of the cylinder, otherwise it will cause unclear filtration, low filtration rate, broken cloth cylinder, and less than expected filtration purpose.

  5. In the initial stage of filter press, the filtrate is muddy, and the filtrate will be clean after a layer of filter cake is formed on the press cloth. If the filtrate still muddy or become muddy from clean, it might because the press cloth is damaged or the cloth hole is deviated from the plate hole. At this time, the valve should be closed or the feed should be stopped to replace the press cloth. There is a small amount of leakage between the filter plates caused by the capillary phenomenon of the press cloth.

  6. When moving the filter plate, the force should be uniform and appropriate. No collision or breaking is allowed to avoid damage to the sealing surface and the filter wrench handle. After a period of use, the press cloth will stiffen and degrade its performance, so it should be checked regularly. If any change is found to affect the filtration rate, the press cloth can be neutralized and cleaned with a corresponding low concentration of weak acid and weak alkali to restore its function. If not, the press cloth should be replaced in time.

  7. Slurry, washing liquid or compressed air valves must be started according to the operating procedures, can’t be operated not at the same time. The compressed air pressure cannot exceed the filtration pressure if it is membranes filtering.