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What Are the Advantages of Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-19      Origin: Site


The vacuum pump will cross over from the oil era into the oil-free era. This change is bound to promote the development of screw vacuum pumps. The demand for screw vacuum pumps is increasing year by year as the period of renewal approaches. With high pumping speed, simple structure, environmental protection and no pollution, the oil-free dry screw vacuum pump is rapidly occupying the global vacuum market. The advantages of the screw vacuum pump have changed the needs of domestic vacuum system users, and most companies are becoming more aware of environmental protection and have higher requirements in choosing the right equipment for their production. In particular, the choice of vacuum equipment is related to the development of enterprises, screw dry vacuum pump, this advanced and sophisticated equipment is the inevitable choice of most enterprises.


What Are the Advantages of Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

  1. Easy construction and maintains

  2. No oil consumption, no dripping. Dry screw pumps require only a small amount of circulating cooling water and have low running costs.

    For the water jet pump, water ring vacuum pump, due to the constant solvent into the water tank, it is necessary to change the water tank regularly or continuously to keep the pump running the vacuum, need to consume a lot of water, for the rising cost of water, water jet pump or water ring pump running costs are larger, although the price of dry screw pump equipment than the water jet pump or water ring pump, but on the long-term operation of the use of its costs are lower, more economical and environmentally friendly.

  3. The gas is not compressed in the pump and is suitable for pumping condensable gases.  For the safety of chemical production and product quality, the dry screw vacuum pump also has its advantages

    We use the vacuum system often have many materials to react with water or even the risk of decomposition and explosion, water ring vacuum pumps, water jet pumps are suddenly stopped when the pump, the risk of water sucked back into the vacuum system, easy to produce security risks or pollution of product quality; and dry screw pumps without water and oil, even if the backward suction will not produce danger or pollution, more favourable to safety and quality assurance.

  4. Corrosion resistant performance.

    Dry screw vacuum pump overflow parts can be nickel-plated treatment, can withstand most of the organic acid gas and inorganic acid gas corrosion, in the extraction of toluene containing hydrochloric acid gas distillation system has been successfully used. The water ring pump is generally not used in acid systems due to the inconvenience of anti-corrosion treatment; the water jet pump is generally made of polypropylene or glass steel materials and anti-corrosion, but these materials are not resistant to the long-term dissolution of organic solvents such as toluene corrosion, and organic solutions in the jet pump at high-speed circulation, easy to produce the risk of electrostatic fire.

  5. The pumped gas is discharged directly from the pump body, without contaminating the water, without environmental pressure and with easier gas recovery.

ESDP Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

In a word, with the development of our industry, in the semiconductor industry, liquid crystal display and other process manufacturing, the requirements for a clean vacuum environment are increasing high, and the traditional oiled vacuum pump can no longer meet such requirements. Advantages of dry screw vacuum pump: with its wide pumping speed range, simple and compact structure, frictionless pumping chamber components, long life, low energy consumption and no oil pollution, etc., it is gaining more and more attention from manufacturing and application and occupies an important position in the dry vacuum pump market. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, screw vacuum pumps have increasingly replaced traditional oiled pumps in many fields.